Sweetheart Doll Playhouse

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Sweetheart Doll Playhouse resembles a charming gingerbread-style cottage. Several tots can fit inside this durable playhouse for backyard fun. Kiddos will enjoy its playful design and large interior. An outside grill allows children to flex their creativity and imagination as they flip burgers and serve playmates dinner.

Your child can set up his or her own little home with the Sweetheart Doll Playhouse, featuring working shutters and a skylight for soft, natural lighting within the house. A grill extends from the cottage, encouraging your child to practice being a chef, and a heart-shaped flower pot is included for gardening fun. Your child can hear when visitors are stopping by thanks to the working doorbell and can take calls on the indoor phone.

Imaginative Home

Your child can enter the full-size door to play within the mini cottage. The heart-shaped flower pot lets your little gardener use his or her green thumb to grow pretty plants. The working shutters open and close easily, and the skylight lets sunshine stream inside the house for natural lighting.

Little chef

A pretend grill extends out of the cabin, so your youngster can fry up some burgers to engage his or her culinary imagination.



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