SIRONA - Feminine Pain Relief Patches - 5 Patches (1 Pack - 5 Patches Each)

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Sirona Pain Relief Patch works on the simple formula, it relaxes the muscle and provides discrete, continuous and non-messy relief from pain and muscle cramps. Sirona Pain Relief Patch is recommended in pain in the lower abdomen or lower back, and during cramps.

  • Directions for use: Dry the application area completely before use. One to two patches can be applied in one day or as directed by the physician. If applied on hair, remove it slowly with hot water.
  • Dimensions (L*H*W) : 26*8*0.5 Made of : Menthol (Satva Pudina) & Eucalyptus oil 12 Hour Relief; 100% Herbal; Instant Relief; No Side Effects Made in India, Sirona Pain Relief Patch are 100% herbal patches and are the must for women during those monthly troublesome days.
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