QLux Stack and Lock Saver Container with White Lid

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  • Storage Container with a White Lid
  • Air Tight Container for Kitchen Storage
  • Includes: 1 pc 
  • SEE THROUGH STACKABLE FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS: Thespace savers thoughtfully designed to store staples like cereal, flour, sugar, pasta, rice and beans making organization of kitchen cupboard easy
  • SPACE SAVING AND VERSATILE - specifically designed to be space-saving, these stackable kitchen storage containers are perfect for storing cereal and much more by making the most of your storage space
  • STAY FRESH FOR LONGER - the silicone-sealed lids ensure a 100% air and water-tight seal meaning your cereal does not go stale and keeps its crunch. These airtight storage containers are perfect for keeping your family healthy
  • Made in Turkey

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