Portronics RuffPad 12 Plus 12 Inch Re-Writable LCD Pad (Black)

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Go Paperless with Ruffpad. Write lists, notes and makes doodles without using pen or paper. It comes with a stylus. You can write or draw with stylus or with any other comparable instrument. The stylus can be stored conveniently at the bottom of the case. The content is only erased with the touch of a button instantly.Replaceable Battery lasts upto 50000 erases. Durable case and recessed screen are safe for school, travel and home use. Helps avoid waste thus helping the environment. Comes with magnets so that you can stick it on the fridge. Ruffpads turns sticky notes and memo-pads green with envy.


  • RuffPad 12 is ideal for sketching, drawing, note taking, calligraphy, writing practice, messaging, learning math or setting up reminders.
  • RuffPad 12 Plus is devised with the motive of paperless and clutter-less learning and communication.
  • This product has a shock resistant frame designed with high grade plastic around the LCD, however we recommend handling with care.
  • While you can quickly write with the tip of your finger, the product also comes with an ergonomically designed stylus allowing you do precision work and easy to use tool.
  • This device offers vision security by being non-radiative with no glowing colours or glares which caters to the safety of a child and adults using this tablets for multiple hours in a day
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