Party Propz 100 Balloon Glue Dot with Multi Colour Balloon Curling Ribbon - 6 Pieces

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Package contain : 100 glue dot + 6 pieces multi-color ribbon

Fine standard balloon glue for decoration for balloons without damaging color of wall. Balloons can be fix anywhere like wall, ceiling without damaging color of the wall. Its hassle proof, very safe and fine material product do not compare this with local made double sided tap available in the market
Method of use: operation to avoid finger contact with rubber surface. The object must be placed directly on the glue point, and then transferred to the object, which can be pasted on the other object

Multicolor ribbon: It is 6 pcs in a pack. 1 Pc is 10 Meter Long.

Glue Dot: 1 Roll has 100 Glue Dots

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