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Onanoff Macbook Pro Skin 15 inch - 3 Colors

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  • Onanoff Skin Macbook Pro 15inch
  • Color: Bright Red / Royal Blue
  • Protects device from scratches
  • Easy to apply and remove


Protect and preserve all surfaces of your laptop, keeping them scratch-free, while adding a touch of luxury and style, with the synthetic leather MacBook® Skins from onanoff™

The MacBook Skins offer an easy way to smarten-up your laptop and add color and flair, without bulking or covering up the Apple design. The skins are extremely thin, measuring only 0.6 mm in thickness, yet durable and resilient. The low-tack adhesive sticks well, but is easy to remove and leaves no residue behind.

Each kit comes with a  palm guard, bottom skin, top skin with cut-out apple so the logo remains visible, and protective film for the logo.  


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