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Neon Street Rollers Pink

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  • Age: 6+ Yrs
  • Dimensions: 3.35 x 3.85 x 5.5 inches
  • Transform your shoes into a slick pair of roller skates quickly
  • Slip the Rollers on your shoes with the rubber strap, clip them into place and kick off
  • Fully adjustable design enables the Rollers to fit your Shoes
  • LED lights illuminate with the Special Glow Technology, Activates when you start moving


Revolutionize your favorite pair of shoes instantly with the Neon Street Roller. Neon Street Roller marks a new beginning for roller skating. No longer are you confined to traditional roller skates, you can personalize your own look so your Neon Street Rollers can match each unique personality/mood with its easily transferable clip-on nature. Simply Adjust, Strap In, and Go! It's as simple as that. Featuring innovative wheel technology, the LEDs within the wheel light up as the wheels turn, emitting a Neon glow that will leave others trailing in your dust. No batteries are required to see this amazing effect!

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