Inpro Solar Steck Helicopter Solar Rotor

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  • First solar plug-in helicopter in the world (year 1990) Solar cell performance guarantee of 10 years
  • Stiftung Warentest rated our invention of 1990 (the solar rotor) as "highly recommended".
  • With multilingual international stickers and trademarks
  • Dedicated to all the children of parents, friends and volunteers, who provide your help around the clock for all emergencies (The fire brigade, the ambulance, the Red Cross, the mountain rescue, the stomach David Adom, the Red Crescent, etc
  • The solar rotor can also be attached to building blocks of the well-known Danish brand with the included adapter. Adapters for other construction brands are also available from us.
  • Whether at sea or deep in the snow the rescue helicopter brings out everyone with the built-in winch from the most unfavorable circumstances. With the right sticker, the helicopter becomes a fire brigade or ambulance, the Red Cross, Red Half Moon or Magen David Adom, Swiss Heli etc ... The solar rotor rotates in the sunlight as fast as it does just before taking off.
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