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The first and most popular solar toy in the world! In 1990 the first edition was produced by us in a sheltered workshop. Because the model was so popular, cheaper PLAGIATES soon came into the market in poor workmanship. Only this one is THE ORIGINAL. The workmanship, the design, the proportions, the details - everything is right!
A timelessly beautiful DESIGN object, loved by children and adults.
The solar helicopter is part of the basic equipment of 1000 kindergartens. Experimenting children make their first experiences in dealing with solar energy.
In 1990, I got the idea to build a solar toy, which should quickly find a great popularity with the audience. For the well-known Danish building block manufacturer, a solar accessory should be invented that should fit in the grid of all building blocks. Since the police helicopter was very popular among the children, it came to mind to build a solar rotor for these helicopters. After years of testing, the Danish manufacturers decided not to include our unique solar rotor in the program. Since in the meantime the popularity of the solar engine was so big, the current wooden helicopter was built in all popular children's colors. The natural helicopter is the most popular of the whole colors series. With every solar rotor, an adapter for the well-known components is always delivered, so that children can attach the solar rotor to other components as well.
The oldest landmark of regenerative energy. Since 1990 CO2 free air traffic. High-quality FSC wood processing, European beech, all parts are perfectly matched.
After unpacking, insert the motor shaft of the solar rotor into the wood hole of the helicopter and make sure that the rotor turns easily by hand. If the helicopter is exposed to sunlight, the solar rotor will start to turn and the helicopter is "ready to take off" Inside, you will need a 20 - 50 W halogen bulb so that the solar rotor starts to rotate with enough light.

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