Hygiene & Safety PPE with Sterile Disposable Masks & Vinyl Gloves Kit - 8pcs

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Our customizable hygiene kit conveniently provides essential solutions to maintain personal hygiene. Packed with solutions for all your hand hygiene, skin protection, and other needs. Ideal for small families or offices. These packs contain all the essentials to keep your loved ones and employees feeling fresh and their spaces free from germs and contaminants.

Is your home/office prepared to combat? If not, be sure to use the Hygiene Pack for quick, easy hygiene practices that will help prevent any flu or virs from spreading and stop the transmission of widespread germs.

This pack includes :

  • 2 Sterile Disposable Individually packed 3 ply Face masks
  • 2 Sterile pairs of Vinyl Gloves 
  • 2 Hand Sanitizer sachets
  • 2 Alcohol Wipes

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