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Size: 1200ml
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Enjoy the pleasure of hot meals. Casserole pot is insulated so it keeps the food hot. Stainless Steel inside & plastic Outer Layer For best result, pre-warm the container with hot water clean it fast and keep the food stuff quickly. It is advised to fill the container to its maximum. Avoid keep lid off from casserole for long, keep casserole away from fire. To look ever fresh do not use harsh detergents on the plastic on the surface, Hot Pot is insulated with top quality polyurethane. The inner mirror finish liner parts are fabricated out of non-magnetic stainless steel sheet. The plastic outer body and lid components are molded out of virgin food grade plastic polymers which gives a study and beautiful finish. Ideal for home, outside picnic and barbecue. Food items like tortillas, pita breads and breakfast muffin should be wrapped with a foil before placing, this prevents them from getting soggy. Ideal for making home made yoghurt.
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