Himalayan Salt Lamp 3-4 kg 7-8 inches with Wooden Base

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  • Every salt lamp is unique
  • Weight: 2-4 kg
  • Height: 18-20 cm

Fresh air is invigorating as oxygen rushes into our lungs and fills our cells with healthy ions. Natural environments such as the fresh air in the forest and the cool breeze from the ocean rejuvenate us, replenishing our bodies with pure oxygen, leaving us simultaneously invigorated and relaxed. It’s essential that we get enough fresh air and are connected to nature to recharge our bodies with oxygenated, ion rich air.

We can invite similar benefits by bringing natural elements such as houseplants that oxygenate indoor air into our homes. One of the most effective ways of ionizing air is by placing crystal salt lamps indoors, thus simulating the same effect of an oxygen-rich environment such as a forest canopy or a salty ocean breeze.

Safety & Care:

  • Salt crystal absorbs moisture. This can run off as a salty water. Lamps should therefore be used indoor and never placed on electrical appliances, such as TVs and speakers.
  • Turning them on removes moisture and use of 30 minutes each day will stop the moisture build-up
  • When not in use seal lamp in plastic bag or store in a dry cool place.
  • To clean just dry dust them or wipe with a damp rag.
  • Salt Lamps are hygroscopic and natural dehumidifiers (attract moisture). That’s why in humid environments, salt lamps will drip salt if they dont' heat up with the right wattage
  • Through this process, the salt lamp kills the bacteria & mold spores that are bound to the water molecules in the air (salt is a natural anti-bacterial).
  • The heat from the salt lamp causes the air to rise (convection) and the whole process continues.
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