Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp 12 inches Wooden Base

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  • 12 inches height x 9 inches width
  • Purifies the Air - removes bacteria, dust, allergens, smoke and mold from the Air
  • Reduces Stress and Depression - emits uplifting, positive charge of energy
  • For Feng Shui - lamps are usually appealing and calming. They assist in opening blocked energy in your home or workplace

This unique work of art is distinctly hand-carved from 100% pure Himalayan Salt, so the salt crystals retain their stunning natural beauty. This also makes each salt lamp one of a kind, contributing to their success as a stunning decor feature, and the perfect, thoughtful gift for holidays and special occasions.

Believed to emit Negetive Ions that help reduce Stress, Asthma and Allergies


Himalayan salt lamps, when heated with a candle or light bulb, emit negetive ions which binds to air pollutants (positive ions). This causes them to lower to the ground level, leaving the air fresh. Negetive ions are believed to produce beneficial biochemical reactions in our bloodstream that increase levels of serotonin.    


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