Game of Thrones House Targeryn Fire and Blood Canvas

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  • Beautiful Wall Art for your Home or Office
  • Picture is of High Resolution, High Quality
  • Printed on Canvas, stretched on a wooden frame
  • Give the room a Refreshing look and Creates an Enchanting Atmosphere


canvas print is the result of an image printed onto canvas which is stretched, or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame and displayed. Canvas prints are often used in interior design, with stock images, or customized with personal photographs. Canvas prints are intended to reproduce the look of original oil or acrylic paintings on stretched canvas. Canvas prints are commonly used in home decor, either chosen by professional interior designers, or by the homeowner. 

Canvas prints are often used as a cheaper alternative to framed artwork as there is no glazing required and the pine frame is not usually visible, so do not need to be varnished, or treated.

The frames are usually constructed from solid pine and underpinned for added strength. A print that is designed to continue round the edges of a stretcher frame once gallery-wrapped is referred to as full-bleed. This can be used to enhance the three-dimensional effect of the mounted print.


How long does it take to receive the canvas print?

From the time you confirm the order on, it takes 5-7 business days for production and then 1-2 days for courier.

What type of paper do you use?

We use premium 345gsm semi-gloss baryta fine art paper. Made in USA.

What do the frames look like?

All the framed prints come fully mounted in the frame and ready to hang on the wall. Frames are wood

Can I hang my artwork outside? 

Although our pieces have outdoor printing on them, no artwork should ever be hung in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Additionally, while we use a water-resistant coating it is not 100% waterproof.

How do I clean/maintain my canvas? 

The best way to clean the canvas is with a soft duster. You can also use a damp cloth on the face of the canvas.

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