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Elegant Antiseptic Liquid 5 Liters

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  • MOISTURIZING & HYDRATING: A Very Strong Anti Bacterial Antiseptic Liquid Designed To Kill Germs and Keep Your Skin Moisturized.
  • NON-STICKY & RINSE FREE: No Sticky Feel After Use, Gentle On Your Skin. Avoids Leaving Behind Any Sticky Residue.
  • EFFECTIVE: Kills 99.99% Bacteria and Germs. Contains Over 70% IPA Alcohol Content.
  • FAST DRYING & QUICK CLEANING: Hand Sanitizer Is A Lightly Scented, Active Cleaning Quick Dry Formula that Requires No Rinsing Off, It Cleans The Pores Deeply To Keep Your Hands Germ Free.
  • FOR MANY USES: Use Anywhere, Anytime In Car, Office, Handbag, Picnics, Nappy Change, Camping, Travel, Sports etc.

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