Electric Disinfectant Spray Gun for Indoor/Outdoor Hygiene - 4.5L

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Model : EP-12300
Tank Capacity : 4.5L
Wattage : 1200W
Voltage : 220V

Perfect for Indoor / Outdoor Sanitation:This premium version of the Mist Blower comes with an EXTENDED coiled hose for perfect ULV misting. Easily extend this hose above your head to reach plants and garden areas.
ON/OFF on Handle for Convenience:Spray up to 20-26 feet of chemicals/liquid for maximum fogging. Cover your field, yard, crops, garden, orchards, plants and growing area in record time. The adjustable screw allows you to easily change the rate of flow of your fogger mid-use. With an average particle size of 20-50 microns, this is the ideal fogger for ULV spraying needs.
Large Wide Mouth opening allows for easy filling and features a screen filter to keep dirt/debris out of tank. Effortlessly fill the tank with your desired chemical or repellent without messing with clamps like other models!
Multi-functional:Practical compression sprayer for indoor and outdoor use. This sturdy sprayer is compatible with most commercial liquid fertilizers. NOT suitable for caustic or acidic (vinegar) solutions.
The same effective system used by professionals to kill mosquitoes. Scope: hotel, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and family fumigation; Sterilization, hospitals, schools, theaters and other public places disinfection; cars, trains.

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