Dicota Pocket Optical USB Mini Mouse

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  • Optical USB Notebook Mini-Mouse - Small mouse, clever design and sophisticated engineering - One must be flexible and quick to keep up in today's world. For these demands, DICOTA has come out with the perfect Notebook mouse.
  • It is small, light-weight and ready for use in an instant thanks to Plug & Play - without the necessity of drivers. Consequently, you can operate your Notebook anywhere, at any time! Due to its compact size and the minimal weight it is perfect for transport, leaving enough room for further mobile equipment or documents.
  • The mini-mouse works quickly, reliably and exceedingly precise. Pocket offers a resolution of 800 dpi and 3 buttons, including a scroll function.
  • The rubber-coated surface fits the hand perfectly. Tangled cables are a thing of the past thanks to the self-retracting cable.
  • The USB cable has the perfect length for working on the road and can be stowed conveniently and efficiently.
  • The mini-mouse from DICOTA - the perfect companion for those who highly value convenience, quickness and flexibility. Equipment: Optical sensor, 800 dpi; 3 buttons incl. scroll functionality; blue light; rubber coating; retractable cable; Plug & Play; user's guide
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