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Dicota Abacus Calculator Numeric Keypad

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Input keypad with a calculator and 2-port USB HUB

The combination of numeric input keypad, integrated calculator and 2-port USB HUB simplifies data entry with your Notebook! Abacus Pro is USB compatible and immediately usable after a short installation with its Plug & Play function!

Notebook keypad and Abacus Pro can be simultaneously used (without synchronization problems). The other two USB ports allow two additional devices to be used with the USB connection parallel to data entry on the keypad!

The calculator functions are predefined on 12 keys! Calculation results are sent directly to Notebook applications. Selectable rounding systems and decimal places as well as the automatic power-off function are further benefits of the Abacus Pro.

Abacus Pro can be operated with a two-source power supply and the detachable USB cable, via the Notebook (USB connector) or with the built-in battery!


Combination from numeric keypad, calculator and 2-port USB HUB; user manual;
12 pre-defined key functions; exchange rate and control functions;
sends calculated results directly to Notebook applications; USB compatible;
Plug & Play function;
keypad and Notebook keypad can be used simultaneously;
selectable rounding systems and decimal places;
automatic power-off function;
twin-source power supply via Notebook or built-in battery;
self-retracting cable.

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