Craze Flo Mee Bakery Play Dough

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At CRAZE we have been working meticulously day and night. Which has sent our heads spinning more than once... But since we are self-confessed hobby professors, we Did not give up, we kept our cauldrons bubbling away in the lab, and ls and behold: it was worth it! According to the philosophy "fantastic, magic, awesome", we have created magic dough, a little bit of magic made from high-quality materials with extremely cool special effects, such as glitter, glow in the dark, metallic, and color change. It is not only incredibly stretchy and malleable, but it also melts, breaks up, and bounces like a bouncy ball - and as voluntary product testers, we are more than enthusiastic.

  • Children's craft set bakery and cupcake rt every child a great and colorful modeling fun.
  • Contents: 2 x foam figures, Flo Mee in different colors, cloud slime in different, modeling accessories, 1 x water spray, 1 x detailed instructions
  • Air dry and hardens without baking.
  • Water-based, very easy to mold, does not crack when dry.
  • Leaves no residue on work surfaces or hands

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