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Earbud Wrap
Looking for an easy way to keep your earbuds tangle-free? You’ve come to the right place.
Cableyoyo is an earbud cable organizer that coils and secures your earbuds so they are ready when you go to listen to your favorite song, pick up a phone call or watch a quick video. Cableyoyo takes all that cable slack from your earbuds and keeps it neatly wrapped for tangle-free earbuds in a convenient, pocket-friendly spool.
The greatest thing about this earbud organizer is the magnet in the middle.

The Magic of Magnets
The magnet in the center of this unique earbud wrap is everything. It magnetizes to your earbuds to keep them from twisting and tangling while you’re out and about. We always get asked about the magnet damaging anything internal on the earbuds, rest assured your earbuds are safe with Cableyoyo.

How to Wrap Your Earbuds
There are tons of different ways you can coil your earbuds, but most suggest that you tie or wind a portion of the cable around the rest of the slack making it easy to split, break or damage your earbuds.
With Cableyoyo, you simply coil the cable slack around the spool and use the magnet force at the middle of the spindle to attract the dangling earbuds. Simple as that, you have an earbud carrying case, damage free.
When you’re ready to use your earbuds, just place your finger in the middle of the yoyo and pull. Your earphones will release and be ready to use on the spot.

Charging Cable Coiler
In addition to earbuds, Cableyoyo can be used to wind up your Apple Lightning cable or any small charging cable to prevent tangles and save time not having to work out a bunch of knots and kinks.

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