Paraben Free Barex OlioSeta Protective Serum 50ml

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  • Barex Olioseta Siero Protettivo protective serum is a professional way to protect strands during coloring, as well as significantly increase the effectiveness of the procedure itself. Just a few milliliters of the product help to avoid overdrying of the hair, the destruction of the protein structure, improve the quality of the curls, add shine and smoothness to them.

  • The serum is based on the AOS complex - a combination of organ, olive and grape seed oils. These oils work in several directions at once:

  • remove the porosity of the hair shaft, and, therefore, make the "absorption" of the cosmetic pigment more uniform, and the hair color - as uniform and pure as possible;

  • smooth the cuticle of each wax, give the strands silkiness and charming shine;

  • perfectly moisturize, prevent moisture loss during chemical exposure, protect especially vulnerable tips.

  • The serum is multi-functional. It can not only be added to paint/lightening products, but also applied as a super nourishing mask or leave-in fluid for very dry and porous curls.

  • Application: pour several portions of the product into the coloring mixture, or use it as an intensive care product.

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