Bakeman's Carton Curry Flavour Potato Chips 25g - 50 pcs Carton

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Bakeman’s belongs to National Food Industries which was founded in the year 1977. It is the only snack manufacturer in the Gulf Region which started this pioneer industry with limited resources. Bakeman's is a brand known for its delicious potato Crunches. It is a smart choice for mothers for their kids and family as mid-day light snacking. Bakeman’s provides a wide and exciting range made of the finest ingredients to create a good moment on every occasion so that everyone can munch on our irresistible flavours. Bakeman's chips are made from carefully graded and selected farm-fresh potatoes, sliced very fine and deep-fried in pure vegetable oil are rich in nutrition and very tasty, lightly dusted with salt. It comes without added preservatives and artificial colours.

Packet Dimensions:
 1.6 x 5 x 4.2 inches

One Bite Into The Contents Of This Packet and you'll agree that nothing has ever been Crispier Or Crunchier...And Oh!...So Delicious! 

Ingredients: Finest Fresh Potatoes, Vegetable Oil, Nature Identical Tomato Ketchup Flavor (Natural Colors E160 C And E162).

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