Among Us - Action Figurev - 1 pack window box (S1)+ 3 hidden hats, hands & accessories

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Color: White
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  • One of a series of Among Us toys, this one comes in white and by default wears the egg hat (try other hats, too!).
  • It’s also part of a collection of stamps for kids as it has a stamper at the bottom. Unlike the small toys in the series, this 4.5-inch-tall figure features detachable and replaceable hats and even hands, which you so rarely get to see in the game!
  • Three hidden hats and accessories are included in the box.
  • Find all these Among Us figures: the purple impostor with the mouth open, the white one, the orange one, and the black one.
  • Get the most character variations out of these Among Us toys figures by trying out different hat combinations: the accessories are the game’s most iconic ones.
  • These crewmate figures / stampers can be played with, and they will look nice on a shelf as a collection.
  • Collect them all! For parents and kids, toys can work as both party décor and entertainment as they bring a mood and a theme to a party and invite children to an activity just play with them!
  • These Among Us toys for boys and girls can inspire them to have an offline match or two of their own and find the impostor.
  • Throw a simple Among Us party or even an Among Us birthday party with these Among Us toys, and hear your kids happily shout “Emergency Meeting!” now and then.
  • The manufacturer of these kids’ toys, is licensed by Inner Sloth, the company that created Among Us.
  • These Among Us toys are authentic-looking and in line with the game’s original style. Minimalistic as they are, these crewmate figures / stampers show the producer’s great attention to detail, like the 3 hidden hats & accessories in the box.
  • Spark your children’s interest in the game, or reward them if they’re already Among Us fans.
  • One of a whole set of Among Us toys for kids / kids’ stamps to play with, start a collection, or throw an Among Us theme party.
  • A crewmate figure / stamper in a window box: white crewmate wearing the egg hat 4.5-inch-tall, authentic, minimalistic design with the classic backpack and visor stamps on the bottom of each figure match the character on top of them 3 hidden hats and accessories in the box.
  • The hats are detachable and replaceable.
  • The accessories (depending on the box) may include the most iconic hats, like the cheese, the plunger, and the brain slug.
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