All You Need is Love Tricycle Wall Decal Sticker

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Engineered specifically for the wall (and all flat smooth surfaces)
100% safe for kids
100 x 120 cm

Decorating with Wall Decals is the easiest, fastest, coolest and most affordable way to transform a boring painted wall in minutes! Just peel and stick!
FAQs About Our Wall Decals
Where to place your wall decals? On every smooth surface you can think of. You can peel and stick wall decals on any flat, finished surface in your home. They can be safely applied to flat walls and ceilings, doors, sealed wooden furniture, cabinets, counter tops… even your car! And because decal are waterproof, you can even put them in your bathtub or shower.
Is application easy? Yes! It's as easy as peel and stick! Decals are totally customizable and can be cut or repositioned to fit even in the smallest spaces. Use your imagination and get creative! Even though some of our wall decals come with directions, you don’t have to follow them. Apply each sticker to your wall or surface of choice.
Are wall decals for all ages? They are, but we recommend your child be at least three of years of age when applying wall decals and always have an adult close by. We offer wall decals for all age groups.
How many wall decals do you carry? Our peel and stick wall decal collection includes many unique decals as well such as glitter decals, 3D decals, augmented reality decals, chalkboard wall decals and personalize wall decals.

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