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  1. What is Emarkiz and what does it mean?
    EMARKIZ.COM is derived from the name ‘Ecommerce’ + ‘Market’ providing a sensibility as an ‘Emarat Market’. A buyers' market, positioning itself exclusively in the Middleeast presenting a trouble-free platter if shopping for EXCLUSIVE products.

  2. What is the benefit of buying from Emarkiz?
    Emarkiz is your ONE-STOP-SHOP if you are looking for niche products as well as popular products at Best Prices from the Authentic Dealer.
    Our endeavour is to ensure that you get the widest possible choice of top variety and best qualityproducts at the best possible price anywhere in UAE, combined with best possible service and timely delivery of products at your doorstep.

  3. What products does Emarkiz sell?
    We sell products which are many Out-of-the-Box, conceptualized, personalized and GENUINE products across all sections.
    Many products you get on are not very easily available at the popular malls in the UAE. And if available, we make your process of searching, googling for location, driving to far distances areas and infact squeezing out time from your busy schedule and make it as easy as a 'CLICK & SHOP'.

  4. How to find products?
    You can shop in multiple ways. The easiest way is to browse using the navigation menus at the left side menu of the home page, where you can find links to new products in different categories. or on the Homepage, there is each Colored Section which will take you to the category of items you want to browse. 
    If you know what you are looking for, we have our user-friendly search box at the top right-centre  with category drop-downs.


  5. Where are the offices of Emarkiz located?
    Our office is located at Al Quoz, Dubai and Dubai Silicon Oasis. 


  6. How do I know that the products you sell are authentic?
    Emarkiz works directly with designers on every item that we list. We guarantee that every branded item sold on Emarkiz is the brand it promises to be and sold by the original licensed distributor.

In case of queries or doubts please reach out to us