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Shop from headphones, wireless headphones and noise cancellation headsets online from the best brands in the UAE.

Buy Headphones Online in Dubai, Anu Dhabi, UAE Enjoy high-quality stylish headset from Choose from a variety of headphones from leading brands such as Jabra, Urbanista, Wicked Audio, Street by 50, SMS Audio, Satzuma and more. Get best deals on headsets in UAE, Dubai. Before choosing a headphone for yourself, it is important to consider the sound quality, the comfort level and the ambient noise cancelling features. Shop online for headphones in a range of attractive colours like red, blue, yellow, green, black, white and more. Designed to be compatible with most gadgets like MP3 players, mobile phones, laptops, tablets and more, these headphones always deliver an impressive performance. Whether you are looking for foldable on-ear headphones or durable sports headphones online, on, you can effortlessly filter and access headphones of your choice and avail of the best headset deals.

Go to Electronics, Mobile Accessories, Headphones & Earbuds where you can make your purchase. There are different types of headphones available on – in-ear, on-ear, over-ear, with mic, sports, noise-cancelling headphones and more.

In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are designed to sit within the ear. These earphones come in two different styles such as ear pods and inner carnal in-ear headphones. Ear pods rest in the outer ear, while inner carnal headphones are inserted into the ear canal. In-ear headphones offer an impressive sound output, though the bass response may not be as good as other headphone types. These headphones can be easily carried in your pocket, purse or bag.

On-Ear Headphones

As the name implies, on-ear headphones go over the head and rests on top of the ears, they are a little smaller resting on top of the ears. Also know as Supra-aural headphones, the on-ear design is slightly like open-back headphones, which allows some sound from the surrounding environment to exit (as well as get in) as opposed to the over-the-ear style which is much better at blocking out external sounds if individuals are concerned with that commonly used phrase “sound isolation”. This style of headphones is usually quite comfortable and doesn’t cause sweating as much as some of the over the ear models.

On-ear models can vary greatly in terms of it's sound quality and comfort. There are many different models in this category that each offer their own unique attributes. 

Over-Ear Headphones

Over-ear headphones fit on the top of head and “over” (on, as well as around, our ear cartilages so the entire ear is “cupped”) to focus on sound isolation. They are very capable of limiting noise leakage which keeps the sound in and also allows the sound in the surrounding environment out. It is possible to get over-ear models that are open-backed which lets one breathe and allow sound in and out. However, this style is usually closed-back as they are preferred for their potential noise cancellation, isolation, and the high-quality sound capability.

These are the bulkiest style of headphones out there and are usually heavier than other models as well and may cause fatigue on the head and ears when wearing them for long periods of time, especially in the studio or with gaming, etc. However, if one has the room and doesn't mind the size, he/she would be able to shut the world out and listen to the music in a pristine and audio-intimate environment.

With Mic Headphones

With mic headphones not only allow you to lose yourself in your favourite music, but also lets you to receive and make calls with ease. Whether you are travelling, participating in a Skype conversation or wish to talk hands-free, these headphones will always come handy. Attach these headphones to your smartphone, tablet, laptop and other devices to bring your music and your calls together.

Sports Headphones

Stay entertained even as you push your workout or sports activities to the limit with sports headphones. These headphones are designed to be resistant to sweat and weather changes. They stay comfortably within your ears even as you move around.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones produce reversed wave patterns that cancel background noise to give you an uninterrupted music listening experience. Wireless Headphones If you wish to move around while listening to music or making calls, the wireless or Bluetooth headphones will make a great choice for you. Use these headphones to enjoy superior-quality audio entertainment at all times.