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Face shield and protection covers help provide full face protection. As we can all agree that this type of face covering can play an important role in tackling the virus.

The face shield and protection covers provide a high-level of protection for the wearer. Since they cover the whole face – the mouth, nose and eyes, you can assume a high percentage of viral particles are prevented from reaching the wearer. Face shields and protection covers are arguably best at protecting from coughs and sneezes.

We believe that face shields and protective masks should be worn by one and especially be supplied to key groups such as teachers, health-care workers, emergency services staff, transport workers and those working in education. The virus has been taking so many lives, it has become so important to keep everyone safe. That’s where we come in. Our range of face shield and protective covers designed to protect your whole face from spray and splatter, dust, oil smoke and so on. Professional face shield and protective covers, protects your face and eyes from droplets and dust. It is Reusable and easy to clean. Lightweight and comfortable to wear and portable.